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This class is taught by:

Bailey Croke

Developing a passion for ballet at a young age, movement has always been a fundamental part of Bailey's life. She spent many years studying different forms of dance and participating in intensives, workshops, performances and competitions to further her training. After graduating from Indiana University and entering the working world, Bailey quickly fell in love pilates, yoga, and barre classes to keep up the activity and discipline that she had with dance. In 2013, she took a step back into the dance world and discovered a surprising new passion in teaching. Wanting to explore that further, Bailey decided to bring her love for pilates and teaching together and completed the Peak Pilates Certification in June 2015. As an enthusiastic Pilates instructor, Bailey loves to teach a challenging and revitalizing class to help students challenge their core, balance, flexibility and strength to improve overall movement quality, mind/body connection and physical vitality.
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#fitandfestive: Holiday HIIT Workout Series

Who doesn't need an excuse to get some extra sweat time in through the holiday season? The temperatures start dropping, layers start increasing, tasty treats are everywhere and holiday craziness can interfere with your regular schedule. #fitandfestive is a holiday themed workout series to give you a fun extra boost to achieve and maintain your fitness goals through the holiday season. Each class will consist of a 75 minute total body cardio sculpt sweat fest that combines the toning principles of Pilates and barre mixed with high intensity interval training and strength/resistance training. Each month will build upon the previous class to provide a better understanding of both static and dynamic movement, how it applies in exercises and how it can be used to increase endurance, strength, balance and power. Each participant will be provided with a 40 minute "at home" workout that can be easily completed on the road for the holidays or at home. In a typical fast paced class, we don’t dive into the details of form and function so a brief 10 minutes will be spent discussing how to apply these to your own workouts. Participants are encouraged to participate in the entire #fitandfestive series, however, can be completely independently.

#basic: September 24th at 2PM-3:30PM
Because it all starts with pumpkin spice everything. #basic will set up the foundation of your holiday workouts, building awareness of proper alignment and muscle activation for foundational exercises, reinforced by strength training in a high rep low intensity model and applied through cardiovascular interval training.

#tricksortreats: October 22nd at 2PM-3:30PM
Fun sized kit-kat bars, enough said. #tricksortreats will continue to build on proper form and alignment through stabilization exercises and transitions and work toward further increasing muscular and cardiovascular endurance in a high rep low intensity model.

#thankful: November 19th at 2PM-3:30PM
Feel more thankful and less guilty about all the turkey, the naps and the holiday movie marathons with another 75 minute serious sweat session. #thankful will turn it up a notch using the stability and endurance established at the beginning of the series, we'll add a little more intensity by playing around with tempo and speed in a low rep high intensity model.

#winteriscoming: December 17th at 2PM-3:30PM
It's getting colder outside so let's burn it up inside for the last class of the holiday series. #winteriscoming is the last total body burn class of the series and your last chance to push your endurance and strength through 75 minutes of high intensity interval training.

Investment: $20/workshop

Upcoming classes:

  • Sun Dec 17 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm with Bailey Croke
    at Downtown - Invoke Yoga & Pilates