HEATED Vinyasa Yoga - Level 2

This class is taught by:

Brooke Lutgring

Brooke began practicing yoga three years ago in search of adding variety to her exercise routine. She graduated from IU with a degree in Health Fitness Specialty, but was hesitant to try yoga because she was unsure if she could calm her busy mind for an entire hour. Brooke instantly fell in love with the practice. Shortly after, she signed up for teacher training at Invoke Yoga Studio in the fall of 2015. Her goal for each class is to create a fun, high energy environment that leaves each person feeling empowered and confident in themselves. Outside of Invoke, Brooke works as an Electrophysiologist Device Technician at Indiana Heart Physicians. Becoming a yoga teacher has brought her much happiness and solidifies her passion to help others and encourage their wellbeing. Join her in class to see what she can offer you!

Kara Brown

Kara's yoga practice began in Tampa Bay in 2007 after she graduated college and got her first job. She immediately fell in love with yoga at the first session. From there, she got a mat of her own, searched out studios and began attending classes. She found the more she practiced, the more stability, strength and positive energy it brought to her life off the mat. She was greatly influenced by the HUGE yoga community in St. Petersburg, FL, and yoga quickly became a way of life for her there. She sought out local workshops, events, and was a devoted member at The Body Electric Yoga Company as she practiced regularly under co-owner Kaitlyn Grady who helped inspire her dedicated love for a fun, but intense vinyasa flow and the mindset that yoga is for everyone! Since then, her home practice has grown very strong, she has relocated to Indianapolis and completed her 200 hour at Invoke in 2017. Kara's class goal is always to find a way to help her students gain strength mentally, physically, and emotionally on their mat that they are able to take with them off of the mat.

Megan Zirkelbach

Megan began her yoga journey after having her daughter in 2006. She quickly realized yoga was more than just a physical exercise. It began to help her with the stress and anxiety of life, when she stepped off the mat she had inner peace that she couldn't explain. Megan has been practicing everyday since. During a meditation workshop she heard the instructor say "once you see, you'll eventually know" and from that point on Megan knew teaching yoga would be a part of her path. She received her 200 hrs YTT in April of 2014 at Sanctuary, Mind, Body, and Spirit under Tom and Daphne Larkin in Nashville, Tn. Her practice and teaching is a mix of vinyasa flow and the power of ashtanga yoga. She loves handstands and inversions but appreciates the beauty and fundamentals of all poses that are at the core of building strength and balance.

Stephanie Martinez

Stephanie attended her first yoga class in 2009. She always used exercise as a way of dealing with the stresses of college and work life, and she quickly fell in love with yoga. Yoga allowed her to deal with anxiety, while gaining breath awareness and strengthening her body. Stephanie completed her 200 hour teacher training in August 2014 at Invoke Studio under Ahna Hoke and Chuck Crosby. Stephanie teaches vinyasa classes that focus on connecting the breath with each movement. Stephanie believes that yoga should be approached with lightheartedness and offers classes that will calm the mind and open the heart.

Cheryl Milton

Cheryl began her Yoga practice in 2001, after the birth of her first child Addison. At the time yoga was introduced to Cheryl she had just left a high-paced sales job to become a full time mom and was entering her seventh year teaching group fitness. Cheryl received her yoga training in Coastal Virginia. She trained with a focus in the tradition of the Hot Yoga Series and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Cheryl was the Director and Lead Teacher for the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program for Zen Hot Yoga Studio Virginia Beach, as well as the Founder and Lead Teacher for Passion Yoga School’s 2014 Yoga Teacher Training Program. She now leads Invoke's Yoga Alliance Certified 100 & 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at Invoke Wellness Center. Cheryl draws inspiration to teach and practice from her busy daily life: approaching her mat being open to explore, accept, reaffirm her passion for life and cultivate peace. 

Erin Morgan

Erin’s love of dance was what first drew her to the lines of energy and fluid movement of yoga. Like so many, the physical practice is where she began her journey. In college she retreated to her mat as a way to manage stress and get the creative juices flowing. Erin became more immersed in yoga during the time she spent living in California. During this time she began to feel the pull to share the healing power of yoga with others. She completed her 200hr training under the guidance of Carmen Fitzgibbon. Erin truly believes that yoga has the power to change lives. Her vinyasa teaching is a lighthearted blend of strength, breath, affirmation and flow. She hopes that students leave practice more aware of their own awesomeness, with the freedom to think, act, move and love with more authenticity.

Megan Hochstetler

Megan was introduced to yoga by a dear friend in early 2009 as a way to gain more flexibility and incorporate balance into her fitness regimen. Yoga quickly became the forefront of Megan’s life as it opened up not only her body, but her mind. Megan has experienced a variety of benefits in her life as a result of her personal yoga practice, and through teaching she hopes to help her students discover the many joys of yoga in their own lives. She encourages students to challenge themselves and also honor and respect their own bodies during their yoga practice. Megan enjoys the hotness of a heated vinyasa class as well as a rockin’ playlist where she can let others feel the vibrations in each breath. Megan believes that everyone is capable of breathing and therefore anyone can come to the mat to practice yoga. Megan received her 200-hour teacher training in Indianapolis, IN and is a RYT with Yoga Alliance. Megan is constantly continuing her study of yoga and is currently pursuing her 500-hour advanced teacher training certification through Invoke Studio.

Yvonne Rodriguez

Yvonne’s journey began in 2005 when a friend insisted she attend a Yoga class with her. From that first experience on the mat, her passion for Yoga was born. Since then, she has been drawn towards both the spiritual and physical components of yoga and the constant challenges that it provides her. Yvonne completed her first training in 2009 with Christina Sell. Relocating to Indianapolis from Texas, Yvonne utilized the lessons learned on her mat to aid in her transition to this beautiful city where she completed her second 200 hr training under Eric Bryant and Ahna Hoke. Yoga has become a fundamental way of life for her, allowing an outlet to cope with one's daily struggles. Yvonne believes that anyone can benefit from practicing yoga whether it be to heal a physical ailment or provide guidance for one’s life toward a positive transformation and enlightenment. Her style cultivates a playful environment where movement with breath and the yoking of body, mind, and spirit are encouraged.

Christine Ghinder

Christine Ghinder's yoga journey began in the spring of 2013 in a yoga practice and theory course at The Ohio State University. Yoga became a physical supplement to her lifelong dance practice, but she found that yoga was an even greater supplement to her life mentally and emotionally. Christine graduated from OSU in 2016 with a BFA in Dance, a degree that brought her knowledge in kinesiology and Alexander technique, which has helped her to understand alignment within yoga. Christine did her 200-hour YTT with Soul Ascension Yoga in July of 2016 and moved to Indianapolis in August of 2017, where she quickly became part of the Invoke community. Her classes challenge the body and center the mind. Christine hopes to help her students expand their physical practice as well as their capacity for self-love.

Danielle Vetter

Danielle started practicing yoga to compliment distance running in 2009. She loved the peace, stillness, and whole-body relaxation yoga brought. Danielle completed her 200 Hour Yoga Training in Indianapolis in January of 2015. Her classes are upbeat, athletic, and connect breath work with a strong physical practice. She hopes her classes will offer students a chance to find strength, a deeper understanding of their bodies, and balance and peace in their lives.

Off the mat, you can find Danielle hiking, boxing, or rocking out to a concert at White River State Park. Danielle holds a BS and MPA from Indiana University (Go Hoosiers).

Todd Gulizia

Todd began practicing yoga in 2011 to improve his performance as a cross country and track athlete at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He instantly fell in love with the movements and developed a daily practice. In 2013, he completed teacher training through Lotus House of Yoga with Carole Westerman and Mary Clare Sweet in Omaha, Nebraska. Influenced by the teachings of Shiva Rea, Donna Farhi, and various somatic disciplines, he offers a fluid, dynamic approach to cultivating strength, grace, relaxation, and embodied awareness.

Jimmy Burgio

Where the body goes, the mind will follow. Jimmy's group classes are a thoughtful, alignment-based, fluid vinyasa class that encourage students to use their yoga practice as a method of self-inquiry meant to create space in their lives for unceasing Grace. Every experience can become an opportunity to grow in Grace if viewed properly. When we are able to become more present, we start to tap into the limitless qualities of our being (described in yoga philosophy as a state of satchidananda, or Truth-Consciousness-Bliss) and this gives us something invaluable to share with the world around us.

A teacher's teacher, Jimmy has over a decade of experience leading retreats, workshops, kirtans, and has directed and been on the faculty of several Yoga Teacher Training Programs throughout the country. He has been asked to lecture on The Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, meditation and chanting worldwide. He is a founding member of Embodied Philosophy, an online yoga philosophy resource dedicated to bringing the wisdom of the yoga tradition to the everyday. Jimmy firmly believes in the purity of the original yogic system and philosophy and tries to stay true to that in both his classes and his everyday life. His love of teaching is evident in the enthusiastic manner in which he leads his classes.

Amy Peddycord

Invoke Studio owner, yoga & Bar Effect teacher

Amy opened Invoke Studio in 2005 and has watched the studio and downtown Indianapolis community thrive. Amy teaches an energetic vinyasa flow class in a light and playful style. She introduced and teaches Bar Effect classes, a fusion of ballet bar work, yoga and pilates to Invoke Studio. Amy began her yoga practice in 1998 and is a graduate of OM Yoga's (200 hour) teacher training program. She is also a student of Core Fusion and thanks Fred Devito and Elisabeth Halfpapp for their continued support and training. Amy is a graduate of OM Yoga’s renowned (200 hour) teaching training program and has completed Pilates mat work through Balanced Body and IM=X and studied under Frank Mauro, Kristin Leigh, Barbara Verrochi and Dana Flynn. She holds an MBA from Columbia University.

HEATED Vinyasa Yoga - Level 2 - Join Invoke for an invigorating and detoxifying heated vinyasa class. Be prepared to sweat it all out during our athletic flow in the heated and humidified studio. Bring a towel and be sure to hydrate yourself before and after class! This is an open to all levels class.

Upcoming classes:

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  • Wed Aug 22 6:00 am - 7:00 am with Christine Ghinder
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  • Wed Aug 22 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm with Megan Zirkelbach
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  • Wed Aug 22 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm with Brooke Lutgring
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  • Wed Aug 22 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm with Danielle Vetter
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  • Thu Aug 23 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm with Megan Zirkelbach
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  • Thu Aug 23 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm with Erin Morgan
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  • Fri Aug 24 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm with Amy Peddycord
    at Downtown - Invoke Yoga & Pilates