Lindsey Springer

Lindsey began doing Mat Pilates as a regular way to break up her 9-5 work day in 2007. Noticing a change in her energy level and body within a matter of weeks, she was forever hooked on Pilates from that point on. She started teaching in 2008 and soon left the corporate world altogether to pursue a challenging career in fitness instruction, including Barre, Pilates Equipment and Mat Pilates.
Trained through Balanced Bodies, she learned that Pilates is for every body type. She safely challenges all her clients' to meet their goals and increase their flexibility, strength and balance. Her passion for Pilates inspired her to further her education and returned to college to study kinesiology, the study of body mechanics. She dreams of one day traveling the world to share her knowledge of Pilates and kinesiology, and to train other aspiring Pilates instructors.

Lindsey Springer instructs the following:
  • Bar Effect class - Level 2
  • Bar Effect class - Level 2 - Bar Effect™ features all the core toning elements of pilates and yoga with the booty and thigh sculpting effects of ballet barre work.  We will incorporate lengthening and strengthening ballet barre and yoga moves with approximately 25 minutes of abdominal mat work. Your regular class package can be used to attend this class! No previous experience required.

  • Quad Reformer (open, 4 max) ***Must have prior reformer experience***
  • Prerequisite: At least one private reformer session or past reformer experience.
    Pilates reformers are specialized piece of equipment that allows students to work out using spring resistance. This conditioning method develops core abdominal and back strength by working from the inside out, helping you build optimal strength, flexibility, endurance and posture, without building bulk or stressing your joints.

    This class is open to all levels. Maximum of 4 students per class.

    Prerequisite: At least one private reformer session or past reformer experience.

  • Pilates Mat - Level 1/2
  • Pilates Mat - Level 1/2 - Our group pilates mat classes strengthen your core strength, the key to good posture and a healthy back. We combine traditional pilates mat exercises with other fun strength and flexibility moves to focus on firming and toning your body. Open to all levels.