Andrea Mehringer

Andrea found yoga when she was going through a lifestyle change in 2010. She wanted to change the way she felt and looked at life, what she ate and the foods she was feeding her family, become more active with exercise, and be mindful of her choices she was making. She was doing all sorts of different exercises at the time and yoga was one of them. She found that she kept craving and coming back to her mat. She wanted to keep coming back to a place where she could connect with her mind, body, and soul through breathing and connecting the breath with asana. Vinyasa yoga quickly became her go to and after about 2 years practicing at her home she went to Invoke Yoga and Pilates Studio for her first studio class. She was immediately hooked, even more than she was before! Andrea's faith was building right a long with her practice and she knew that she was uncovering this calling that was deep from within and she couldn't ignore it. Andrea applied for the RYS-200-hour teacher training program through Invoke Yoga and Pilates Studio in March 2015 and has graduated in August 2015. She is very excited to share this burning passion of hers to help others become comfortable and have gratitude for their bodies, have love and compassion for themselves and others, find peace and happiness throughout their life, and to connect with their breath which unfolds many endless opportunities.

Andrea Mehringer is currently not instructing any classes.