Ashley Dirks

Ashley grew up as a competitive swimmer and playing every sport available at the time, but her love for fitness began in high school when a friend’s mom took her to her first step aerobics class! After graduating from IU, getting married and moving away Ashley was disappointed with the quality of group fitness offered in her area, so she decided to turn her love of fitness into instructing. Ashley discovered Yoga 17 years ago while stationed at Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri with her husband. After her first class something resonated. The focus on breath and movement, and the mental and physical strength it took to consciously slow down and calm the mind was hard for her, but she was fascinated. She knew it was something she wanted to incorporate into her life. As an Army wife, dealing with moves and constant deployments, Ashley always found peace and comfort on her mat and she began to deeply appreciate the calming effects of being able to slow down and connect back to the self.

In 2010, after 2 children, and countless moves Ashley and her husband knew it was time to come home to Indianapolis and be closer to family. After trying many different studios and developing a regular home practice Ashley decided to take the next step and received her 200 hour teacher training in 2017 at Invoke Studio with Cheryl Milton. She received her Prenatal Yoga certification in the summer of 2017.

Ashley is very active volunteer with her kiddos school and also coaches girls kickball and both boys and girls volleyball.

Ashley Dirks instructs the following:
  • $10 Community Teen Yoga (ages 10-16)
  • $10 Community Vinyasa Yoga for Tween/Teens (ages 10-16). This class will provide a positive environment for teens to build inner strength and outer flexibility while increasing breath awareness and movement. A beginner vinyasa class that will work towards more physically challenging postures and flowing sequences. Each class will incorporate breathing techniques and mindful activities to promote self-confidence, awareness and control.

    An amazing Invoke Class but for Tweens/Teens at a price point that is accessible and affordable to the entire community. Please feel free to use a regular package or pay the low $10 drop in rate. 

  • Prenatal Yoga (Separate class pricing)
  • Gracefully flow through guided meditation, breathing and movement that cultivates your ability to relax while strengthening the muscles that support your growing baby. This class balances the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies through a flowing series of postures, offering modifications for different stages of pregnancy. All levels welcome. You can drop in to a class for $20 or purchase of 5 for $75.

  • Yin Yoga - Level 1
  • Yin yoga is accessible to anyone, including beginners. Poses, held between 3 and 5 minutes, are done mostly on the floor and target the deep connective tissue concentrated in the major joints of the body. Yin yoga helps rejuvenate connective tissues, improve circulation, and bring joints back to their natural range of motion.

    The longer duration within each pose provides the opportunity to slow down and bring awareness to the current capabilities of our bodies. Through mindfulness practices, we are able to focus inward more clearly and open ourselves to fully embody the present moment.

    Yin is a wonderful compliment practice to our more vigorous activities such as vinyasa, running, cycling or other athletic pursuits. Maintaining poses for several minutes can have an intense effect on the tight, sore and sometimes inflamed tissues that endurance athletes often experience.

    Please note: Yin is NOT restorative yoga. Due to the long, slow, deep holds of the Yin poses, this practice can be intense. Please discuss any injuries you have with your instructor prior to class.