Ally Denton

Ally discovered yoga in 2012 as a way to counterbalance the stress long-distance running put on her body. What initially began as a weekly cross-training class at the YMCA turned into a lifelong passion for the practice and discipline of yoga. Through all of life’s challenges, yoga has become a steady anchor for Ally, revealing over and over again just how healing and powerful the integration of mind, body, and breath can be. In 2018, she felt inspired to deepen her holistic knowledge of yoga and share her passion with others by enrolling in and graduating from Invoke’s 200-hr teacher training program with Ahna Hoke and Cheryl Milton. As a teacher, Ally focuses on safe, effective alignment and dynamic, energetic movement. She believes that by challenging ourselves on the mat, often surprising ourselves by what we’re capable of, we strengthen our minds, bodies, and spirits––readying ourselves for whatever life may bring.

Ally Denton instructs the following:
  • IHTC

  • HEATED Vinyasa Yoga Express - Level 2
  • HEATED Vinyasa Yoga Express - Level 2 - Join Invoke for a 55 minute invigorating and detoxifying heated vinyasa class. Be prepared to sweat it all out during our athletic flow in the heated and humidified studio. Bring a towel and be sure to hydrate yourself before and after class! This class is open to all levels. 

  • Vinyasa Yoga - Level 1
  • Vinyasa Yoga - Level 1 - This is a basic or slower paced class that is perfect for beginners or those that prefer a slow flow. Designed for the new yogi or for the experienced student who is interested in a deeper understanding of the poses. You will go through the basic poses and be introduced to vinyasa breathing techniques and class structure.

  • $10 Community Yoga - Level 2
  • $10 Community Vinyasa Yoga - Level 2 - All levels are welcome. The instructor will present different options for the less experienced student and for the advanced yogi. Vinyasa, a style of yoga, is a flowing sequence of asanas that ties movement with breath. Invoke’s dynamic vinyasa focuses on the flow, strength and power of the practice. The same amazing Invoke class but a price point that is accessible and affordable to the entire community. Please feel free to use a regular package or pay the low $10 drop in rate.