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Love Invoke

Invoke Yoga: My Secret to Success

Blog by Zach Steinberger: Professional Soccer Player for the Indy Eleven and avid Invoke yogi Read More

Heavily Meditated Part 2

Y'all.  Meditation and mindfulness is HARD.  Not like having cancer HARD or running a marathon HARD, or calculus HARD, but not easy HARD. Read More


Meet the Teacher-Cheryl Milton

Tell us about yourself. The two best decisions I ever made in life were getting married and leaving corporate america.  I've spent the last 21 years with my main squeeze, Terry Milton.  He'll tell you that yoga is part of his "10-step plan" to mellow me out.  We have two crazy awesome teenagers, Addison, 16 and Max, 14 and do our best to keep life in Carmel light and easy.  Yoga, has been a CONSTANT for the last 16 years. Read More


Heavily Meditated

heavily meditated
By:  Tina Isakson (mom of 5, Invoke manager and retail buyer, current yogi, former runner)

Often touted as a habit of highly successful and happy people, meditation ranks near the top of this year's wellness trends.  In an effort to reduce anxiety, quiet my mind, improve mindfulness, and heck, BE one of those highly successful and happy peeps, I've decided to give meditation a whirl.  Experts say 21 days to build a habit, so join me as I attempt to meditate for a few minutes each day for the next 3 weeks. Because sitting still and quieting my mind and/or mouth for even a few moments at a time are NOT my strong suit, I've decided to use the meditation app headspace for a little guidance (LITERALLY.  Its guided meditation). It would have been nice if I had started this habit in January when wellness goals are fresh in my mind, but I figure August (with back to school time for my kiddos) can be my second January.  Here we go...

Day1:  Monday morning (butt crack of dawn, see also:my kids are swimmers) opened my headspace app.  Chose the 3 minute meditation.  Found a comfy seat on the sofa.  The app has a lovely British accent.  Counting the inhales and exhales.  Promptly fell asleep.  

As you can see, we're off to a blazing start.  Join me here for progress updates on my journey to being heavily meditated.  

Do you meditate?  What works for you?

Working on incorporating more mindfulness into your daily life through yoga?  Find our complete schedule here.  Fit body.  Calm mind.


Meet the Teacher-Erin Morgan


Allow me to introduce long-time Invoke instructor, Erin Morgan.....

Tell us about yourself.

I've been practicing yoga regularly since 2002 and teaching since 2008.  Proud momma to Miss Emorie Claire, 2 dogs and 1 kitty.  We've set up shop in Irvington and love our neighborhood.  I like to boogie.

What do you like about Invoke?

THE HUMANS.  I love the humans.  So many of my dearest friendships were started at Invoke.

Favorite Food?

ALL THE FOOD.  I love chocolate and Italian food (iozzo's is my fave in Indy).  I truly take pleasure in eating and I like to chew my food-no juice cleanses pour moi!

What's on your playlist right now?

Washed Out, Broken Social Scene and Fleet Foxes have all put out dynamite albums sorta recently.  African funk makes me happy.  Julie Byrne has been soothing my soul for many months now.  Find me on Spotify.  I'm a playlist freak.  

When I'm not at Invoke you can find me ____?  

Hanging with my kiddo and my husband.  I'm a person who NEEDS to recharge at home.  Hermit life.

Guilty pleasure?

Sitting in the sun!  Everyone is so scared of the sun these days.  I'm solar powered.  

Editor's note:  Erin, Invoke wouldn't be the same without you!  And I agree with you about being "solar powered"  I heart the sun, too.  Join Erin next February to recharge those solar powered batteries with an Invoke yoga retreat in Jamaica.  Sign up here.  You can also meet Erin several times each week at Invoke's downtown location for some heated or non-heated vinyasa (righteous tunes guaranteed).


Home Sweet Invoke

Blog by Delaney Francis (Student, Fur Mama, Invoke Enthusiast, Future Pilates Instructor, and Blogger/Owner of Del's Diary) Invoke is not just a yoga studio to me; it's my home. While there are many definitions of what home means in the dictionary, four particular definitions stick out more than the rest. Read More


Invoke: College Edition

Blog by Delaney Francis (Student, Fur Mama, Invoke Enthusiast, Future Pilates Instructor, and Blogger/Owner of Del's Diary)

My name is Delaney, and I love blogging and love talking about Invoke; now I have the pleasure of blogging about Invoke.

I started my yoga and pilates journey ten months ago. If you knew me, then you would know that the past ten months have been the best ten months of my entire life. Invoke is more than a yoga studio to me; it is a second home.

Every single time I walk into Invoke Studio or Invoke Wellness Center I feel my Zen meter go up. I feel calm, cool, and collected. I don't even need to be on my mat or on a reformer to feel this way. Just stepping into Invoke is as cathartic as walking into my grandma's house during the holidays.

As a student and a self-certified "over thinker," I try my best to keep a certain level of Zen on a daily basis. Coming to the studio helps me balance my mind, body, and spirit connection. It is easy to get caught up in the chaos and clutter of college, which is why coming to Invoke is so crucial.

After a class at Invoke I either feel a) full of gratitude b) as cool as a cucumber c) like Beyonce or d) all of the above. I have gained so much from coming to Invoke over the past year and want to share with you the most meaningful moments so far.

1. A loving relationship with my mind AND body

2. Getting to wear yoga pants and flip flops 24/7

3. A community of awesome yogis all dedicated to bettering themselves

4. Countless beauty products, headbands, and graphic tee's

5. A bigger smile, louder laugh, and a contagious amount of confidence

When I am not taking a class or working the front desk at Invoke, you can find me blogging for Del's Diary, eating Chipotle, or hanging out with my dog, Chai.


Frankly Oils at Invoke

Blog by Stevie Frank (Invoke Yoga teacher, Essential Oil lover, Creator/Owner of Frankly Oils)

I have thoroughly enjoyed infusing essential oils into my everyday as a means to my own holistic wellbeing. I started my oil journey nearly 2 years ago when I attended an essential oil party. I left the party feeling overwhelmed, confused, and thought they were too expensive for my teaching budget. And what’s with all the benefits? Can this be real or is this a hoaxy infomercial?! Can rubbing oil on my skin truly help me de-stress, put me in a better mood, or help me sleep better? Surprisingly to me-the answer was YES. 

After burying myself in literature, videos, phone calls, and multiple recipes of oils I felt like I had a good grasp on what these essential oils were, how they worked, and more importantly how I could blend them together to create amazing blends that worked for me.

That’s when I realized-I wanted to make these oils easily and readily accessible for people who don’t want to put the time or money into adding these oils into their everyday. I came up with easy names for the oil blends so if someone was stressing, they knew to grab “Zen Out” or if they were having trouble with sleeping they’d grab “Sleeping Beauty.” Labeling my oil blends was one of the hardest feats to conquer because I wanted my friends to be able to know what the blend did in just a few short words. 
So what are some oil blends that’s available at franklyoils?

Happy & Awake: For those mornings when you need an extra boost of good mood vibes to get through the day, this blend will help awaken the spirit and help you keep in good vibes throughout the day. The boost of peppermint will help keep you alert.

Ingredients: All 100% natural essential oils of Lavandin, Lavender, Tangerine, Elemi, Lemon, Myrtle, Melissa, Ylang Ylang, Osmanthus, Peppermint, and Sandalwood. Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, and Clementine with a drop of Vanilla.
Sleeping Beauty: It’s time for that beautiful time to lay in your amazing sheets and you can’t stop tossing and turning. Mind racing. Planning out the next day or wrapping up the current day. Reach for your Sleeping Beauty at any time of night, even if you wake back up, to help send you back to catching some Zzz’s.

Ingredients: 100% essential oils of Lavender, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, and Ylang Ylang, Ho wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy Flower and Blue Chamomile Flower, and Vetiver.

Find franklyoils at any Invoke location. Catch up on new blends @ OR follow me on Instagram: @franklyoils

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops at Invoke!


Animal Skills Yoga for Kids

Blog by Olivia Roney (CEO at Crouching Tigers, Registered Yoga Teacher, Kid Expert, Dog Momma to pup Walker)

What is AnimalSkills Yoga?

Mantras + Poses= AnimalSkills. AnimalSkills = Fun.

AnimalSkills Yoga is a fun, creative approach to yoga that promotes body awareness, confidence and mindfulness. In every class, students focus on a new animal, animal pose and mantra. The pose and the mantra together are what we call “AnimalSkills”.

Animal Skills

It has been tested. I started teaching and training my staff on AnimalSkills curriculum in my Crouching Tigers martial arts classes last year. After a rebrand from a “martial arts” company to a “children’s wellness” company, the original intention with the curriculum was to incorporate an equal amount of yoga and martial arts in every class. The results of AnimalSkills were fantastic! The result of the attempt to have an equal focus on martial arts and yoga, however, simply wasn’t realistic. The yoga diluted the martial arts and created a substantial amount of brand confusion.

In the 6 months that AnimalSkills was a substantial part of the Crouching Tigers curriculum, we received amazing testimonials from parents and even more amazing memory retention from our students.

It focuses on the needs of children ages 2-10.

When it comes to curriculum writing, I start with a question, “what is a skill that all kids need?” and attempt to answer it by creating stories, games, activities and animal characters around the best way to make learning this new skill fun for kids. After learning that many of my students were afraid to sleep in their beds at night, I wanted to create a physical movement or pose that made them feel safe. I kicked off AnimalSKills curriculum with the TurtleSkill- I am safe and relaxed. The turtle pose is a variation of child’s pose that allows for kids to tuck into their “shell” to feel safe.

It works.

After numerous parents emailed, called and stopped me at schools to tell me how well the TurtleSkill was working, I knew I was on to something. After this, I created the KoalaSkill, The PlatypusSkill, the KangarooSkill, the FalconSkill and many more. I continue to write these AnimalSkills on a regular basis with the hope of identifying and testing 52 different AnimalSkills that can be taught over the course of a full year.

I'm excited for the opportunity to offer Animal Skills Yoga at Invoke Studio and Invoke Wellness Center in November! Enroll your 3-5 year old kidos through the links below or on Invoke's website under the Events tab.

Invoke Downtown, Thursdays 5:45pm-6:45pm November 3- December 1 (No class on November 24) (

Invoke Wellness, Mondays 9:30am-10:30am November 7-28 (



Down Dog Log 5


Blog by Riley Missel (Student Athlete, Dedicated Yogi, and Finisher of Invoke's 30 Day Challenge)

7 Things I Learned Doing Yoga 7 Days a Week at Invoke Studio:
  1. Some days, yoga is hard and your muscles are tight and you feel like a mess compared to the flexible fairy beside you, and it will be such a relief to get into your car after class…because you can finally fart. You will have those days, and that’s okay.
  2.  Daily yoga helps you become better friends with yourself. The things you learn (like that you have chronically tight quads or are overly talkative to people on the mats around you) are things you eventually learn to love about yourself. You learn to celebrate flaws along with your beauty, and treat yourself the way you would a good friend.
  3.  "Turbo Dog" is an actual pose.
  4.  Barre Effect classes are hard! But it gets easier if you pretend you’re in the New York Ballet.
  5.  Practicing something every day teaches you how to learn, fail, and continue to practice. When you learn patience and a playful attitude by practicing arm balances, you can use that mindset to practice generosity, kindness, or mad skateboard skills. It’s freeing to be okay with the learning process and step outside your comfort zone.
  6.  The instructors at Invoke are really passionate about what they do. By gently planting the seeds of self-acceptance, contentment, joy, and gratitude, they spread little bits of world peace and happiness, student by student.
  7. We’re all in this together- and we’re all just looking for a little peace and love in this crazy world.

For me, this challenge was the beginning of a wonderful (and more dedicated!) practice and a calmer way of being. To the instructors, friends, fellow students, and Otis the Dog at Invoke: thank you so much for making these past 30 days meaningful and memorable days of growth, exploration, and fun. Namaste.