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Heavily Meditated Part 2

Y'all.  Meditation and mindfulness is HARD.  Not like having cancer HARD or running a marathon HARD, or calculus HARD, but not easy HARD. Read More


Meet the Teacher-Cheryl Milton

Tell us about yourself. The two best decisions I ever made in life were getting married and leaving corporate america.  I've spent the last 21 years with my main squeeze, Terry Milton.  He'll tell you that yoga is part of his "10-step plan" to mellow me out.  We have two crazy awesome teenagers, Addison, 16 and Max, 14 and do our best to keep life in Carmel light and easy.  Yoga, has been a CONSTANT for the last 16 years. Read More


Heavily Meditated

heavily meditated
By:  Tina Isakson (mom of 5, Invoke manager and retail buyer, current yogi, former runner)

Often touted as a habit of highly successful and happy people, meditation ranks near the top of this year's wellness trends.  In an effort to reduce anxiety, quiet my mind, improve mindfulness, and heck, BE one of those highly successful and happy peeps, I've decided to give meditation a whirl.  Experts say 21 days to build a habit, so join me as I attempt to meditate for a few minutes each day for the next 3 weeks. Because sitting still and quieting my mind and/or mouth for even a few moments at a time are NOT my strong suit, I've decided to use the meditation app headspace for a little guidance (LITERALLY.  Its guided meditation). It would have been nice if I had started this habit in January when wellness goals are fresh in my mind, but I figure August (with back to school time for my kiddos) can be my second January.  Here we go...

Day1:  Monday morning (butt crack of dawn, see also:my kids are swimmers) opened my headspace app.  Chose the 3 minute meditation.  Found a comfy seat on the sofa.  The app has a lovely British accent.  Counting the inhales and exhales.  Promptly fell asleep.  

As you can see, we're off to a blazing start.  Join me here for progress updates on my journey to being heavily meditated.  

Do you meditate?  What works for you?

Working on incorporating more mindfulness into your daily life through yoga?  Find our complete schedule here.  Fit body.  Calm mind.


Meet the Teacher-Erin Morgan


Allow me to introduce long-time Invoke instructor, Erin Morgan.....

Tell us about yourself.

I've been practicing yoga regularly since 2002 and teaching since 2008.  Proud momma to Miss Emorie Claire, 2 dogs and 1 kitty.  We've set up shop in Irvington and love our neighborhood.  I like to boogie.

What do you like about Invoke?

THE HUMANS.  I love the humans.  So many of my dearest friendships were started at Invoke.

Favorite Food?

ALL THE FOOD.  I love chocolate and Italian food (iozzo's is my fave in Indy).  I truly take pleasure in eating and I like to chew my food-no juice cleanses pour moi!

What's on your playlist right now?

Washed Out, Broken Social Scene and Fleet Foxes have all put out dynamite albums sorta recently.  African funk makes me happy.  Julie Byrne has been soothing my soul for many months now.  Find me on Spotify.  I'm a playlist freak.  

When I'm not at Invoke you can find me ____?  

Hanging with my kiddo and my husband.  I'm a person who NEEDS to recharge at home.  Hermit life.

Guilty pleasure?

Sitting in the sun!  Everyone is so scared of the sun these days.  I'm solar powered.  

Editor's note:  Erin, Invoke wouldn't be the same without you!  And I agree with you about being "solar powered"  I heart the sun, too.  Join Erin next February to recharge those solar powered batteries with an Invoke yoga retreat in Jamaica.  Sign up here.  You can also meet Erin several times each week at Invoke's downtown location for some heated or non-heated vinyasa (righteous tunes guaranteed).