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Class Packages & Auto-Renewal Contracts include all of the below group classes (excluding reformers and workshops). All of our classes are taught barefoot and with a mat. Props will be provided.

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Vinyasa Yoga - Level 1

Designed for the new or experienced yogi who is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the poses. These classes include the introduction to basic vinyasa poses, breathing techniques and class structure.

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Vinyasa Yoga - Level 2

A flowing sequence that ties movement with breath, this class focuses on the strength and power of the vinyasa practice. Experience the cardio, heat-building side of the practice, as well as the mind balancing, focus-on-the-moment benefits. Appropriate for all levels.

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Vinyasa Yoga - Level 2/3

Designed for the more experienced yogi, although all levels are welcome to grow their practice. Flow through vigorous vinyasa poses, working towards more challenging postures. Variations of each pose will be offered to cater to your individual level, presenting different options for the less experienced, as well as the advanced yogi.

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Heated Vinyasa Yoga

Our same amazing flow-style vinyasa class with the added detoxifying and calorie-burning benefits of a heated studio. Please be prepared to sweat and remember to hydrate before and after class. Classes are heated to 95 degrees.

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Warm Vinyasa Yoga

Our same amazing flow-style vinyasa class with the added detoxifying and calorie- burning benefits of a heated studio. Warm Vinyasa classes will be heated between 82-86 degrees. Levels will be listed on the schedule.

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Yin Yoga - Level 1

Yin yoga is accessible to everyone. Poses, held between three and five minutes, are done mostly on the floor and target the deep connective tissue concentrated in the major joints of the body. Yin yoga helps rejuvenate connective tissues, improve circulation, and bring joints back to their natural range of motion. The longer duration within each pose provides the opportunity to slow down and bring awareness to the current capabilities of our bodies.

Please note: Yin is NOT restorative yoga. Due to the long, slow, deep holds of the Yin poses, this practice can be intense. Please discuss any injuries you have with your instructor prior to class.

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Bar Effect™ - Level 2

This Invoke trademarked class features all the core toning elements of Pilates and yoga, with the booty and thigh sculpting effects of ballet barre work. We will incorporate lengthening and strengthening ballet barre and yoga moves with approximately 25 minutes of abdominal mat work. No previous experience required.

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Core HIIT - Level 2/3

This dynamic resistance training class helps build, lengthen and stretch muscles, while focusing on the core. If you love an Invoke pilates mat class, then you will enjoy this hour-long intense workout. This open level class is tailored to challenge a variety of fitness levels, so all are welcome! No shoes required. Please bring a mat.

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Core HEAT - Level 2

Pilates Mat with a twist! Form focused functional movement, classical mat pilates exercises, endurance building intervals, and detoxifying infrared heat all in one 60 minute session. The room is heated between 80-85 degrees and the class is comprised of 6 sections: warm up, 4 sections of interval work completed in circuits, and a generous cool down.

Pilates Mat - Level 2

This class focuses on the basic pilates principles, with the assistance of small props such as rings, balls, bands, and weights for a fun and creative workout. Our open level classes are tailored to challenge a variety of fitness levels, so all are welcome!

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Community  Yoga 

A bargain class at only $10 per class. The same amazing Invoke classes but at a price point that is accessible for the entire community. 

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Prenatal Yoga

Gracefully flow through guided meditation, breathing and movement that cultivates your ability to relax while strengthening the muscles that support your growing baby. This class balances the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies through a flowing series of postures, offering modifications for different stages of pregnancy. All levels welcome.

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Intro to Yoga Workshop

Perfect for beginners, this workshop focuses on the basic principles of alignment and breathing. As the series moves forward, students will become familiar with an array of standing and seated postures, as well as proper alignment. After completing the workshop students should feel comfortable moving into a Level 1 or Level 2 class. Two weeks of unlimited group classes is included.

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The Pilates Reformers, an intense & dynamic workout utilizes spring based resistance to elongate and strengthen your body. In your 55 minute workout you will work muscles through a range of motion ideal for building and toning muscles as well as increasing joint stability. The Pilates Reformer works the entire body focusing on core stability, muscular endurance, muscular strength, balance and coordination. Sessions can be modified for any client's needs from athletes, post rehab, pre-post pregnancy and every day workout warriors. 

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Private Session

Schedule a personalized session and enjoy  a one-on-one workout using our Peak Pilates bamboo reformer machines, tower units and chairs for a fun variety of exercises.

Duet Session

Pair up with a partner for a more affordable, personalized reformer session! Same as the Private session, but with one other person.

Private Quad Class

Enjoy the same benefits of the Private and Duet Reformer sessions, but with familiar faces and on your schedule. These private sessions can be scheduled with three other friends so you can enjoy the affordable price of an Open Quad Class but on your own time.

Open Quad Class

These classes are on the Invoke schedule and open to all students. This class is open to all levels, with a prerequisite of at least one private reformer session at Invoke or previous reformer experience. Class size is limited to four people so be sure to sign-up online to reserve your spot!


Please Note: If you are pregnant, Invoke utilizes the Pilates Arc™ on our equipment so that you may be lifted in an upright position for a more supportive position throughout the session.

On-Site Corporate Yoga & Pilates Classes


Looking for a way to incorporate yoga and/or Pilates into your business?

Invoke classes are a fun way to boost the productivity in your organization. Yoga and Pilates provide the benefits of strength and flexibility, as well as stress and weight management. Improve your overall work experience with a beneficial afternoon or after work class!

Please contact us at 317.525.6965 or email for more information and to schedule your corporate yoga and/or Pilates session today!