Studio Etiquette at Invoke Studio

Arrive on time. Please respect the time of your instructor and other clients. Make it part of your practice to arrive early. Getting to class at least 5 to 10 minutes early can help you get signed-in, relax and align your attitude before class begins. 

Remove your shoes. Please remove your shoes before entering the classrooms. We spend at least 95% of our class times on the floor, so we appreciate you not tracking in your day.

Turn off your cell phones. People may be relaxing or meditating before class. Please make sure anything that can create noise is silenced, as it can be distracting. This includes all items left in the lobby and coat room.

Be aware of the space around you. At times the class can be crowded so try to avoid bumping in to your neighbors and taking up more personal space than is necessary.

Keep the studio how you found it. Please put all blocks, straps, weights and props away at the end of class. We try to keep our space as neat and organized as possible to provide a great experience for everyone. Please help us by putting items back where you found them.

Keep your space clean. Some of our classes can get hot and we get it - everyone sweats. Please be sure to wipe up around your practice area. We provide extra towels and spray in each classroom for your use.

Respect silence. Please respect the silent time during classes. Others are using this time to reflect, relax, meditate, etc. Talking and/or laughing with your neighbor is distracting. Please try to be respectful.

Be sensible about your scent. Do not wear any perfume, cologne or strong scents to class. We focus a lot on breathing and deep breaths during class and this can hinder other’s experiences and be overwhelming in a small space. Also be sure you are cleaning your mat and yogitoes towels frequently. We love that you’re coming so often that your items are getting used, but we don’t want to smell it if we don’t have to.