• Yoga at Invoke Studio
    Experience Invoke.

    Enjoy 2 weeks of unlimited group classes for only $30!

  • Yoga Class in Session at Invoke Studio
    Get back to basics.

    Focus on the basics with our Intro to Yoga Series, including 2 weeks of unlimited classes for only $55!

  • Reformers Pilates at Invoke Studio

    Breath. Control. Flow. Reform.

    Challenge and strengthen your body with our
    Peak Pilates® bamboo reformers.
  • Practicing Yoga Poses at Invoke Studio
    Instruct. Inspire. Invoke.

    Learn more about becoming a certified yoga,
    Pilates or Bar Effect™ teacher.

  • Stretching During a Yoga Class at Invoke Studio
    Strengthen. Relax. inspire.

    Enjoy a variety of classes and workshops for all fitness levels that will help you strengthen, relax and restore. 





Invigorate and strengthen your body and mind with over 100 dynamic yoga, Pilates and Bar Effect™ classes every week at our two studios, scheduled to fit your busy life.

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Deepen and expand your practice outside of regular classes with workshops customized by our amazing instructors.

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Whether you're new to Invoke, experienced or just starting your fitness routine - we offer a truly unique space for you to practice, grow and strengthen your body and mind.  

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