Q: Do you have a parking lot? Where should I park?

A: We have parking available at both locations.

For Invoke Studio (Downtown) you may park on the streets around our building (New Jersey, Fort Wayne, Central, East and 10th), in our parking lot adjacent to the building or at the Red Cross (across the street) after 5PM.

For Invoke Wellness Center (Northside) you can park in the parking lot attached to the building.

Please remember to remove all valuables from your car when parking at either location. There is always a risk of break-ins, an anytime a vehicle is left unattended. Leaving items in plain site in your vehicle puts your car and valuables at a higher risk of a break-in.

Q: I’m new to yoga / fitness classes where should I start?

A:  We recommend purchasing our New Client Special: 2 weeks of unlimited classed for only $30. That way, you can try a variety of classes and teachers to determine what you like best or purchase a drop-in class if you just wanting to try out a class - any of our basic yoga classes, Pilates mat, core hit or Bar Effect™ classes would be a great option. Any of our classes listed as “all levels” are also suitable.

If you want to focus more on Yoga, try our Intro To Yoga Workshop to learn basic alignment and breathing techniques. For your safety, please hold off on attending any classes listed as intermediate/advanced until you have a more established practice. Still aren’t sure? Contact Us!

Q: What do I wear?

A: You should wear clothing that allows your body to move freely and is comfortable. All of our classes require that you remove your shoes and socks.

Q: Do I need to bring my own mat?

A: If you have a mat, please bring one, although we do rent and sell mats if you do not have your own. We will provide all other yoga props for you during class.

Q: Do I need to bring my towel or water?

A: Invoke provides filtered water for your personal water bottle and sells bottles of water for $1. We also rent small towels for $0.50 and sell YogiToe towels in our Boutique.

Q: Do I need to preregister for class? What is your online policy?

A: Probably not, but we would highly recommend it! As our classes continue to grow, we can’t guarantee a spot for everyone. Registering online for classes will save your spot for up to five minutes before the start of class. We will still welcome walk-ins and do our best to fit you into class, but registering online can help save your spot! If you have not signed in at the front desk at least 5 minutes before the start of class , your spot may be given to a walk-in client.

Q: What if I am late to class?

A: Please try to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of class. We begin our classes on time and arriving late will disrupt other students. If you are more than 5 minutes late to class, it is up to the front desk staff and teacher if they will allow you to enter the classroom.

Q: What is your cancellation policy? Workshops? Reformers?

A: We have a 2 hour cancellation policy for group classes. If you do not cancel your reservation at least 2 hours before class, you will still be charged for class. We can’t guarantee that someone will answer the phone to take a phone cancellation, so you will need to cancel online. For Workshops and Reformers, we have a 24hour cancellation policy.

Q: What does “late cancel” mean?

A: Late cancel means you did not cancel within the designated time frame and you were charged for that class, appointment or workshop.

Q: Where can I store my belongings?

A: We have a coat room and cubby area where you can store your belongings during class. Please do not leave mats or other personal belongings after class.

Q: Are there showers?

A: Yes, we have a shower available at both locations, but please bring your own shower accessories and towel.

Q: Are children welcome? What is the age limit for classes?

A: Yes, children are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult and are not disruptive during class. If the class is being disrupted, you may be asked to leave by the instructor. We also offer Kid, Tween and Teen workshops throughout the year.

Q: Do you have a student discount?

A: Yes, students with a valid student ID receive 20% off single classes, 10 and 20 class packages, single month unlimited packages and workshops.

Q: Do you have a Veteran discount?

A: Yes! Invoke is a member of Yoga for Vets and we offer four free classes to Veterans. Beyond the four free classes, we also offer Veterans 20% off single classes, 10 and 20 class packages, single month unlimited packages and workshops. Please visit Yoga for Vets for more information.

Q: I purchased a class and/or package. Can I give a class to my friend?

A: No. Packages are nontransferable. Your friend/spouse/etc will need to have their own account and purchase their own package.

Q: What is your return/exchange policy for packages/classes and workshops?

A: Please choose wisely, as all sales are final. No returns. No exchanges. No transfers. No Sharing. All packages expire 6 months after activation. All workshops expire one year after purchase.

Q: When do your packages/classes expire?

A: Packages expire 6 months after activation, meaning once you sign-in to your first class using your package, you will have 6 months from that date to utilize your classes.

We hate to see classes go unused, so if you are not able to attend due to life getting in the way, health issues or injury, please contact us and we can credit your account the purchase price to use towards other purchases.

Q: I need to cancel my workshop. What do I do?

A: If you need to cancel your workshop, you must contact the studio at least 24 hours before your scheduled workshop in order to cancel. You may receive your money back or credit to use towards another workshop. If you need to cancel less than 24 hours in advance, please contact us to determine your options.

Q: I purchased a workshop, but wasn’t able to attend. What do I do?

A: Please contact us to determine your options and view our cancellation and return policies.

Q: Do you have a lost and found?

A: Yes. Any items left in the studio will be kept in the coat room (Downtown) or on the cubby shelf (Northside). Any items left longer than 2 months will be donated. If you have lost jewelry or personal items, check with the front desk, as they might have put them away for you.

Q: What is your return/exchange policy for retail items?

A: You may return/exchange unused retail purchases with valid receipt.